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sebastien bramille

Head of Engineering - Technical Architect - Blockchain developer

sebastien bramille
33 years old
Driving License
London (nw9) United Kingdom
Professional Status
Open to opportunities
About Me
As the Head of Engineering at StructureFlow, I lead a dynamic team of eight full-stack developers and devops engineers, pioneering cutting-edge solutions for the visualization and analysis of intricate legal structures. With over 15 years of deep-rooted experience in web and mobile development, I am a versatile, language-agnostic developer with the prowess to architect and construct technical blueprints from the ground up.

At my core lies a relentless focus on addressing both business and product challenges. I have hands-on experience in shaping product outcomes and always seek opportunities to align technology with user needs and overarching business goals.

My entrepreneurial spirit is evident. I thrive in disrupting the status quo, taking calculated risks, and spearheading initiatives that have the potential to transform industries. My venture into the blockchain realm in 2017 led me to collaborate with various open-source projects and startups, where I played a pivotal role in crafting decentralized applications tailored to tangible business needs.

I also bring to the table expertise in artificial intelligence, having worked extensively with Python and Spacy. The confluence of blockchain and AI intrigues me, and I'm committed to exploring its vast potential. My overarching mission is to harness my skill set and deep-seated knowledge to deliver trailblazing, high-impact solutions that not only elevate the legal sector but reverberate across diverse industries.
Backend : Development to make an HATEOAS Api
Frontend : Make a full CMS in PHP
Creation date
01 Mar 2011